Talents and abilities need to be improved and considered as powers for personal success

 Talents and abilities need to be improved and considered as powers for personal success
Use the principle of “concentration of power.” This requires that you concentrate your talents and abilities where they will yield the highest payoff to you at the moment. It is the key to personal productivity and is essential to success in personal strategic planning.
In corporate strategy sessions, managers focus on the goal of increasing “return on equity” (ROE). The purpose of business strategy is to allocate the company’s resources in such a way that they yield the highest possible financial return on the equity invested.
Here is another kind of ROE for you. In setting personal strategy for yourself, your goal is to get the highest “return on energy.” Your job is to allocate your talents and abilities in such a way that you achieve the highest possible return on the mental, emotional, and physical energies that you invest in your work. Your highest return on energy is almost always that task where you combine your unique talents and abilities with the specific needs of the situation. You then focus and concentrate single mindedly on that one task, which is the key to high productivity.
Whenever you have a new job to do, ask yourself: “Does this job give me my highest return on energy invested?” Discipline yourself to apply your skills where you can achieve the greatest results and rewards for both yourself and your company.
This method will definitely help you. I strongly believe in today's world you need to have a few intelligent techniques to achieve maximum performance.
 There are a series of techniques you can practice to increase your productivity and performance, and improve the rate at which you get things done. 
Above listed is one of those methods used by the highest?paid and most productive people in every field. I would also recommend you to go throw the other topics listed in this section for a few more tools & techniques for higher & better success rate in your daily life.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.~~ Peter Drucker 

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