Most of the first sales experts would define Selling with a basic dump to your brain with the thoughts as ..
"Selling is the art of creating a desire in the mind of a buyer and satisfying that desire so that buyer and seller benefit."
Now that may seem a bit old fashioned for many of today's salespeople, but I believe the principle still holds true particularly if we're attempting to persuade another person be it a member of our team, a colleague or a customer. If you're going to persuade someone to change their behavior, their viewpoint, their attitude, any other aspect of their business or personal life, then you're talking about changing a mindset.
If anyone is going to change their mindset then they need to envisage benefits for them that outweigh their present circumstances or situation. If you're the person doing the persuading, then you need the following skills, qualities and characteristics which make you believable and credible.

Persistence -

if you want to persuade someone, don't give up on the first "no" or rejection of what you say. Persist and persist - but do it nicely! People wont necessarily react in a negative way to your persistence when they realize you really believe what you're saying. There's a fine line between being persistent and being a nuisance. Watch the other person's reactions and if it looks like you're persisting too much - stop!
To be a powerful persuader you need many skills, qualities and characteristics. Even with them all in place, there is still no guarantee of success. However, people are more likely to be persuaded by people they trust, they like and have a good relationship with.

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