Plan, Strategy, Vision, Passion, Flexibility are needed to Be A Winner In Life Winning isn't everything, but the will, thought and effort you put in to win is everything that will give you happiness even if you lost.

It’s also said that when we are winning almost everything that happens can be claimed to be right and wise. But if we plan & do in with a strategy we increase the chances of Winning. I totally believe in this.
If you wish & desire “To be a winner in life”, one must be aware of the rules of the game and have a plan and proper strategy to approach it. This holds true for a whole range of situations as trivial as loosing weight, or getting a new job, and on more serious note, trying to adjust in a new relationship or just finding inner peace and tranquility (free from disturbances ).
We can prescribe certain success mantras which are common to the most successful people in the world and they are:
  • -Make a strategy
  • -Have a vision
  • -Be passionate about your goals
  • -Be truthful
  • -Get in to action
  • -Prioritise / Prioritize
  • -Be a risk taker
  • -Be Flexible
  • -Create a nucleus
  • -Be healthy both physically and mentally

-Make a strategy

In today’s world Successful people have a clearly thought out  defined path way and consistent strategy to tackle any kind of issue or problem or situation. One should always know what one needs and when they need?
Humans have become very forgetful these days and hence, It is often helpful to write it down so that you can stay on the chosen course and do not end up with an alternative that can take you away from your goal.

-Have a vision

Visualize the desired end of the efforts which is so called the vision. It is important to have a vision as it is this which keeps one motivated and sufficiently charged to get what one wants. The champions get what they want as they know what they want. They see it, feel it, and experience and rehearse it in their minds and hearts. One should be very clear as to what success means to you. Unless you know what it feels like or look like, you will not get there.

-Be passionate about your goals

Many people, in fact all of us have some desires which don’t really fulfill but if that is converted into a burning desire it is possible that it will be achieved. People having that burning desire and passion can do anything to fulfill their desires. People with passion are always energised about what they are doing. One has to enjoy both the journey as well as the end goal.

-Be truthful

People with consistent success have no excuses, no denials, fantasy or fiction. They indulge in constructive self criticism rather than self deluding and finding reasons and excuses for their failures. It is important to remain truthful to yourself as one has to realise that nothing else will make their vision achievable.

-Get in to action

Action can bring the thoughts into reality & that’s the key aspect after you plan. Successful people don’t just sit and think, they spring in to action which is meaningful, consistent, and purposeful and in the positive direction. Remember every step taken in the right direction at the right time, will take you nearer to your goal.


Though it is an era of multi-tasking, it is important to prioritise your task as it will help you in time management with minimum stress and without any compromise on your other social engagements such as family time and other commitments.

-Be a risk taker

Come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with something new. Be ready to step into unknown. You might be in for a surprise and discover those hidden and hitherto unknown talents that you possess.

-Be Flexible

In spite of taking all the right decisions and best approach, sometimes things do not turn out according to your desires and wishes. Be willing to face the failure and to start all over again.

-Create a nucleus

Try to be with people who have similar zest for success or the ones who want you to succeed. With the first group, you can take tips and exchange notes on how to go about achieving your goal. The people who want to see you succeed could be your family and friends, try to bond with them as they are the ones who will continuously encourage you and motivate you to achieve your goal. Surround yourself with them as it is important to have somebody to share your success at the end of the journey.

-Be healthy both physically and mentally

Health is wealth !, I would extent this to “Mental & Physical Health together can help you gain Wealth if used in the right direction at the right time”
Try to be healthy as hard work is the key to success. One should be mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong to face the obstacles arising in the arduous journey to the success.

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