Secret is Asking and receiving, Visualizing, Changing focus, Being in control, Finding "how" to get to your "what".

The Secrets and Keys of Success are very similar to gaining success. You start with the secret and then implement the rules.

The secret has to do with:

  1. Asking and receiving
  2. Visualizing what you want
  3. Changing your focus
  4. Being in control of your destiny
  5. Finding a "how" to get to your "what"
  6. Remember, you won't get something for nothing. No matter how hard you try, wishing will not make you rich, it will not make you healthy and it will not make you happy. There is more to the secret then this.

You control your destiny. It's that simple. Whatever you want, just go for it!  What you do today will affect your life tomorrow, next week, next month, next infinity. If you do nothing, nothing will change.

The secret deals with the Laws of Attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction is simply:

We attract what we give our attention to.

This includes both wanted and unwanted energy.

If you focus on failing a test and decide not to study, what happens? Chances are you attracted a low grade.

However, if you focus on passing and prepare ahead of time by studying, you attract a better grade.


How Can You Use This Information For Success?

1.) Attitude.

Without a change in attitude, you will continue to get the same thing. If you focus on the negative, you will obtain negative results.

Ex: You are calling to book a party but are focused on the fact the hostess will just say "no". You decide to just make one phone call and if they say "yes" you'll continue dialing. Chances are, your potential hostess will say "no". You will come across as not caring and negative. Even if you call with "hopes" they say "yes", you have already predetermined their answer.

Now you change your attitude and set a goal to make 10 calls that night. Even if the first one is "no" you promise to keep going. You energize yourself by smiling in the mirror, using your products, and hugging your children. Then you pick up the phone with energy and excitement. Your results are much higher since you changed your attitude.


2.) Commitment.  

It is one thing to say you want something. Without making a commitment to yourself and your project, it's just like throwing a penny in a fountain and making a wish to win the lottery. Promise yourself you will do whatever it takes within your personal beliefs to make this happen. Commit to fulfilling your dreams

3.) Action.

Without action, step 1 and 2 will not take you to success.

This reminds me of a joke you have probably heard:

Moses kept praying to God to win the lottery. That week he found a dollar on the street and he donated it to charity to show God he is worthy. The lottery came and went and he didn't win. So the next week he prayed again, "Please God, let me win the lottery." He found an extra dollar in his wallet, and decided to donate it to charity. Again, the lottery came and went. The third week, he prayed harder "Oh wonderful God, I will feed the hungry and save the whales, just please let me win the lottery." That week some strange man approached him on the streets and handed him a dollar and again Moses donated it to charity. The lottery numbers were drawn, and Moses did not win.

The next week Moses was ready to give up, he prayed again. "God, I have prayed and been good. Why have I not won the lottery?"  To his amazement, God spoke to him: "Moses, meet me half way. Go buy a ticket."

Did you buy the lottery ticket or are you still just praying or using positive thinking?

4.) Don't overwhelm yourself.

It is easy to focus on everything you want and go for it all at once. However, that is not the way to get there. Create a plan on what is most important and what will get you to your other dreams. Focus on one thing at a time.

5.) Set a deadline.

When do you want your success to happen? Though tomorrow would be awesome, the truth is success takes time. Look at your goals and set a realistic timeline to when you will accomplish it by. Set goals and map them out. Again, be in control of your destiny.

6.) Give to others and treat them with respect.

Treat others how you want them to treat you. This is very important because it can come back to haunt you. Many people call it karma. If you step all over others to get to success, when you need something in return, expect others to knock you down. When you are respectful of others and help them when they have a need, you build relationships that may help you in the future.

Those you talk to who find success using the secret tell you it works. However, with further questioning, you can see that they also changed the way they do things. They worked harder, stayed positive, and kept affirming what they want.

Every night before bed, focus on what you want. Then make a decision that when you wake you, you will do at least one thing to make it happen.

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