• Have a positive attitude
  • Be prepared
  • Be on time
  • Work at 100%
  • Work the territory correctly
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Know WHY you are here and WHAT you are doing
  • Take control
Along with these one must also remember, finding and getting the job is the hard part, now the easy part, how to keep it.   Once you are hired it is important to maintain a positive relationship with the company or your employer.  
Tip #1: Keep your personal life separate from you job, an example would be to not use your professional e-mail for personal things.  
Tip #2: Socializing with co-workers is great, you want to develop a professional relationship that allows for better communication which is important.  However, do keep your conversations that do not relate to work to the minimum.
Tip #3: Be productive and engaged, your boss will see your positive attitude. Commit to help out your coworkers if you finish early, don't ever just sit there doing nothing, help out when ever you can, there is always plenty stuff to do.
Tip #4: Avoid procrastination.  It makes you unprepared  and you look bad.  Always remember that you are representing your company or employer in your actions, product and appearance.
Tip #5: Finally, the most important one always have a positive attitude.
Why would you want to maintain a positive relationship with your employer?  By doing so when you decide you would like move to a different position at another company or employer you will have good references.

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