Every workplace is different from the other in many ways. From dress codes to how people interact with fellow employees, the protocol will vary from industry to industry and between different companies in the same industry. So when you are new to a workplace, always be cautious and use the first few weeks to observe your colleagues and establish what’s considered ‘reasonable’ and what isn’t.
If you’re unsure about certain things you can very easily ask a colleague. However many of the workplace ‘dos and don’ts’ are commonly accepted by almost all companies.
Some of the common rules are:

Do’s at a Work Place:

Being a good employee and colleagues is easy enough if you just follow these simple rules:
  1. Stay positive at all time and have an enthusiastic approach towards work as that will help you in getting through almost everything and will create a good impression on the boss. Everyone likes to have an upbeat and smiling employee on the team who has a positive attitude towards work.
  2. You have to be respectful and courteous towards the colleagues and those who work under you. Even if you don’t like a particular person, you should try to maintain a courteous and friendly behavior with him and everyone else so that there is no kind of animosity at work. A little good will and respect shown towards the other person can help a lot in your professional life.
  3. Make sure that you keep your voice at a normal and acceptable level. An extremely loud voice in a work environment can not only be counter-productive for other employees but can be extremely annoying too and no one likes to have an annoying or disruptive employee.
  4. Be ready to offer to help others if there’s anything you might be able to do to assist them and make their job easier if you’ve time to do so. You can always lend a helping hand to the fellow employees as they can return the favor any time when you need help with your tasks.
  5. Dress properly and adopt a similar degree of formality once you have familiarized yourself with the established and acceptable code of conduct at the particular work place.
  6. Make sure you understand the e-mail etiquette at the certain organisation and regulations about the use of your mobile phone.
  7. Keep in mind that the employers are paying you to work so do not waste time in idle chit-chat and other things when there are important tasks waiting at your desk.

Don’ts at a Work Place:

  1. Given below are some of the basic rules about what you are not expected to do at a work place:
  2. Engage yourself in idle gossip that concerns other colleagues or your immediate boss and never ever try to bad mouth them as word travels fast and before you know it the gossip will reach the person whom it is about and he will be aware that you are the one spreading this gossip.
  3. Don’t become a part of any such discussion which has racial context and might end up offending any of your co-workers.
  4. Be humble and do not make it a point to blow your own horn. You need to be a person who can make friends at work and no one likes a person who harps on about his previous achievements and is a complete attention seeker.
  5. Don’t try to become a favorite with your boss or supervisors by using flattery and other unethical means. Just make sure that you do your job in the best possible way so that you are most productive employee which will automatically impress those who are higher up the ladder than you.

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