Managers need to be very vigilant when they have a team of employees working under them as they have to personally motivate each employee to give his best performance and make sure that all of the employees are happy with their jobs. If you are at a managerial position, it is expected that you can manage a team successfully and without any issues arising between the team members.

Given below are some of the most common mistakes made by managers which result in low output of the entire team:

Neglecting People In Favour Of Policies:

There is no doubt that policies are meant to be followed strictly but showing some flexibility with employees is also important. If a very hard working employee has a personal problem which is making it impossible for him to attend the office during the mentioned timings, rather than letting him or her go, it is better to allow him or her some leniency in time so that you can retain the valuable employee by bending the rules to some extent.

Lack of Communication:

One of the most important aspects of the job of a manager is to make sure that he or she is communicating with the employees regularly and effectively. The manager needs to convey the specific instructions for a given task and the time available to finish the job. A manager has to assess each team member on the basis of his performance and this needs proper communication within the team and with the manager.

Ignoring the Team Members:

Ignoring the concerns and the suggestions provided by a team member is not a good way to get the team motivated. The team members often come up with very good ideas and ignoring them can lead to missing a good opportunity for any given project. A good manager listens to his or her team members and takes their suggestions into consideration.

Failure to Take Responsibility:

A good manager is one who focuses on not only getting the credit for the successes but is also comfortable in taking responsibility for the failures rather than blaming it on the team members. You need to be able to accept your mistakes and take full responsibility for the consequences if you are hoping to become a good manager.

Favouritism among the Team Members:

Although we are all aware of the fact that favouritism and nepotism in a team can lead to poor output and lack of motivation for the rest of the employees but the fact remains that some managers do indulge in this practice. Picking your favourite member of the team and allowing him or her special privileges not only affects the performance of the team members but also gives you a negative reputation.

Setting Unrealistic Tasks:

Some managers are so obsessed with getting the work done as soon as possible that they do not take the time to explain the tasks assigned to the team members properly and push the team for instant results. This leads to a lot of mistakes and often the team members feel stressed out and fail to achieve the best results possible.

Implementing Too Many Changes:

While some changes are good, implementing too many changes too often can lead to unrest among the team members as most people are comfortable working in a set pattern. Whenever you are planning on implementing a change, make sure that all team members are comfortable with the change and can easily adapt to the change.

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