Keys to Business Selection – Skills. Building a business, conventional, meetings, Network Marketing, skills, structureThe title of this series, “Why Do I Need a Business & Why Network Marketing?” clearly indicates that I believe a conventional business cannot achieve the elements discussed earlier. Conventional business, a shop or a workshop etc generally are full-time businesses. A Network Marketing business on the other hand, allows you do leverage your effort (at times that don’t clash with your fulltime job) and make a start without debt or overhang expenses. We have already covered ‘Risk’ & ‘Cost’ in the previous posts, so the business you are studying should tick the following boxes when analysed from a perspective of Skills.


In the previous post ‘Money’ we concluded that without the need for staff, business premises, or any other overhang expenses, you will not be financially burdened should your business not succeed as you planned, but the MLM business should not fail because a good MLM business should have training material to help you develop the skills you need to succeed.
The web abounds with Guru’s who will help you do anything from improving your sex life, to how to run a successful Network Marketing business (in case you’re wondering – I’m not a Guru – my beard isn’t long enough) but if you select the correct network none of this external help should be necessary.

The Network you choose should have:

  • A convincing Business Model, if you are not incredibly impressed how can you expect your prospects to be?
  • Training material – to help gain the skills you need to build a business
  • Marketing material – to help you build your business
  • Now I’m a bit older than many who will read this post, and this may show up in the next comment, but age apart I consider it to be essential to success.
  • The Network you choose should offer the above physically as well as virtually
  • Building a business in the early stages (when all you have is enthusiasm) is much easier if your upline will carry any part of the load that you don’t yet feel comfortable with.
  • This support could be running a regular seminar session so that you can take your prospects and have the opportunity professionally presented.
  • Joint presentations to prospects
  • Just general hand holding (in the early stages) – If you need your hand held for too long you will not be able to build your structure. 
  • An incredibly important point to make about Network Marketing – you may think that it only fits under the ‘Skills’ heading with a tyre lever, but read on.
  • Whatever your recruit sees you do in your business, she will do also:
  • If you need your hand held, he will need his hand held
  • If you don’t meet your promises, neither will she
  • If you don’t work at passing on strong ‘skills’ then neither will they
  • If you don’t work hard your business will never grow because the ethos of your structure is laziness
You need to get the ‘Skills Program’ sorted to the extent that your people have a track to run on, your input should only be to play with a signal, move the points, or occasionally give the driver a hand.  If you can manage that then you are close to building a self replicating Network.  As you can see I consider the material provided by the Network that you are involved with as important, even essential, but as important is the material, structure, meetings etc that you provide yourself.

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