Seo Article writing is the method of writing article to be use in organic seo as a way to increase traffic to your website. This form of internet marketing differs from normal content writing and landing page writing.

SEO article are usually written with the idea of distributing them in one of the many article distribution sites to be used on websites owned by other webmasters. In exchange for you writing articles for their site they will link back to your site. Kind of a win, win situation as long as the other webmaster holds up his end of the bargain by linking to your site.


To create an article that is SEO optimized you first choose a list of keywords you want added into the article. The words you choose should be ones that are frequently searched for in the search engines, they should also relate to the topic of the site you are trying to promote. A large share of the work of good SEO article writing is in this step, a great article with the wrong keywords will be of no help to your site.

Next choose the title or topic to write on based on the available keywords. These words and synonyms of the words should be used several times throughout the article. For some good tips on choosing keywords check out our article on Choosing Keywords. Don’t choose to wide a subject or set of keywords. Each page should be on a single theme or topic to provide the best search engine optimization of the page.

Back Links to the Site

Once the article is completed, go to our page on article submission sites and start submitting your new article. Be sure to include 1 or 2 links back to your site with keywords in the link text.

In a couple weeks do a search for your article and see how many times it comes up in the searches. This will give you a good idea of how well the article was received and how many webmasters choose to use your article. For future article you can make adjustments to increase the number of people using the article. Each person using the article increase the chance you will traffic from the site as well as increases the number of links the search engines see going to your site.

Article Marketing

You don’t have to be an SEO expert in order to benefit form article marketing. It just takes time and practice, and with each new submission you will see improvements in both the reception of the article and the traffic to your website. This is a very good way to do small business SEO for sites with a very limited budget. The most important requirement is knowledge of the subject to be written about and a good word processing program to help catch spelling and grammar errors.

Article Length  

I suggest the articles to be around 500 words and up to about 650. This is a little different then you normal content article which should be close to 750 words. This is just a general rule and each writer seems to have a different SEO strategy that they use.

The more often you write the quicker you get and the more effective your internet marketing with SEO Article Writing will get.

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