Much of this site is devoted to increasing links to your site, all of the major search engines use these links to determine how important your website is, which is used to help determine where your site will show in the SERPs. Google uses links to determine your Page Rank. Something to consider though, is Page Rank is only 1 of serveral hundred things that Google considers when deciding which sites to show in the SERPs, and is not necessarily the most important. Don't overlook the many articles in this site that will help you understand the importance of these other things.

Remember that the search engines goal is to produce the most relevant results to a searchers request. The foremost and most important thing to do when optimizing your site is to be sure you have useful content on your site and the search engines are able to access it.

Once that is accomplished (or while you are adding additional content), then you should start applying the many tips you will find on this site, in order to promote your site and drive traffic to it or Simply Contact Libricon Solutions for a SEO Solution.

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