Keyword Article writing for Web Content as a SEO stepWriting Articles with Keywords to increase the Quality of the Articles and WebSite traffic for Better Business. Writing keyword articles is vital to internet marketing. To get the most for your efforts, you must learn to write keyword articles quickly.


 Instructions or Steps to follow are ...


1 Pick your keyword.

This word or phrase is chosen based on what you are marketing or your website niche.


2 Write your article headline.

The best headlines have the keyword phrase at the beginning or close to it. Popular choices for keyword article headlines include "How To," "Top Ten," and "Secret Method."


3 Write the introductory paragraph.

This paragraph should include a hook, often in the form of a question, that pertains to the keyword topic. Include your keyword in the first line of the paragraph and then again one more time.


4 Create two to four subheadings.

These should also include the keyword phrase. Focus on two to four topics that pertain to your main topic. List these in bold on the word processing page.


5 Sub-Heading Short write-up

After each subheading, write a topic sentence about that subheading. Include the keyword in each of these sentences in your article.


6 Sub-Heading Detailed write-up

Write two to four detail sentences for each subheading. Give the reader information they want in clear, concise language.


7 Proofreading and Spell-checking

Proofread, spell-check, and edit until your keyword article is perfect for marketing your website, blog, or product.


Tips & Warnings


  1. Use keyword articles for marketing distribution, not website content.
  2. Do not over-think. Basic is fine.




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