Once you have an idea for your business, your products/services, or your personal brand….you will then want to reserve a domain name. There are a few reasons as to why this is important:

Why is it important to reserve domain name for your business?

  • Your ideas become more ‘concrete’
  • It’s your piece of ‘Internet real-estate’
  • It’s your virtual ‘address’
  • It helps your viewers/customers/prospects find you online

Here are some tips on how to reserve domain name

keep it simple and easy to remember – you can do this by keeping the number of words in the domain to a minimum thereby making sure the domain name is as short as possible
brand – if you intend to create an online presence surrounding a particular product, service, or even yourself then use that name in the domain
keywords – if you plan to have your site ranked in the search engines for more traffic, include keywords that are relevant to your target market in your domain name
easy to spell – make sure your domain name does not have any ambiguous spellings that could confuse anyone searching for your site
top-level/ .com extensions are most popular because they are perceived by the search engines and by viewers as being more credible

Reserving a domain name is easy with Libricon Web Solutions ( www.Libricon.com ) not as complex as you may think.

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