Organic conversions are the bread and butter of many organizations, yet many companies/ organizations forget to keep an eye on the small details that can affect them. Instead, organizations should evaluate their Web presence periodically from an organic user's perspective, as a "set it and forget it" frame of mind is not reasonable in this ever-changing Web environment.

Why It Matters

Because the search landscape can change immensely on a weekly or even daily basis, marketers should evaluate their organization's Web presence regularly. Doing so can help you discover opportunities that could improve the customer experience and possibly increase your number of organic conversions.

For example, small changes to things like organic site-links can prove to boost traffic dramatically. Smart Business marketers will strive to perform such an evaluation every few months.

Understanding The Risks & Opportunities

Consider John's situation. He is a business owner in the technology sector, and he was experiencing a steady decline in organic traffic. Clearly, he needed to take some quick action to turn the situation around. He contacted Libricon Web Solutions for help.

After performing a thorough evaluation of his website, we found that one of his site-links was leading to "404 - Page Not Found."  We fix the broken site-link and his site was now working perfectly fine.

Additionally, we discovered that during the lead flow process, the product choices appeared "below the fold," and users weren't able to view the entire page without scrolling down.

We redesigned his web site moved the 'Try Now' buttons to the top of the page where they could be seen upon entry to the page. By implementing these two changes, he saw his traffic volume bounce back to healthy numbers.

Three Tips To Increase Organic Conversions

Business marketers looking to boost conversions and improve the user experience should follow these three tips to perform an audit of their organic presence.

1. Evaluate organic sitelinks and sitelink navigation
2. Discover top organic keywords bringing traffic to your site
3. Evaluate organic lead flow process

Overall, the online space is changing every day. Smart Business marketers will regularly review their website from an organic user's perspective, and make small adjustments. Doing so can increase traffic to the site and business for big returns in the future!


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