Plan and Design Your Website


What will your website be about? Make sure you sum this up on the home page. What type of audience do you want to attract to your site?
Two most important factors in your design are the time it takes your pages to load and ease in navigation for your visitors.

If your pages take too long to load, most visitors will become impatient and go elsewhere. After all, there are hundreds of websites in the same category as yours. Keep the total file size of your graphics 30 kilobytes or less per page. Create your site in such a way that you don't scroll more than 2 pages. Long pages add to loading time. Make sure you have your site hosted on a fast server.

The easier you make it for your visitors to get around your website, the longer they will hang around. Your home page is the most crucial page on your site. This is the page that will either make you or break you. Be sure your home page tells visitors what your site is about. Keep to the point. If you offer a variety of services or merchandise, keep the content organized. You have tons of competition. If someone gets confused and/or lost on your site, they'll just wipe their feet and go off to the next site.

For your text content, it's best to use dark text on a light background, as it is much more legible and causes less strain on the eyes. Look around you. Most, if not all, magazines and newspapers use dark text on light backgrounds.

Your Domain Name

If you want your potential clients to take your online business seriously, do yourself a favor and get your domain name with care. Besides looking more professional, your unique domain name will get more notice from the major search engines. In fact, some search engines ignore long domain names [Domain should be less that 20 Char's]. When choosing your domain name, try not to make it too long unless it's easy to remember.


Find a Reliable Web Host Provider like Libricon Web Solutions

Important features to look for in a web host are bandwidth allowance, fast servers and competant technicians. Bandwidth Allowance - Traffic to your site uses up bandwidth space. Be cautious of hosts who boast unlimited bandwidth. In many cases, it is truely not unlimited transfer allowance. Quite a few hosts charge a small monthly fee, but get you by charging extra for more bandwidth. No one is going to give 'unlimited' bandwidth allowance, especially for such a low monthly fee. It's best to know the 'amount' of daily or monthly transfer allowed. If you plan on not getting much traffic to your website, then you won't need to be concerned about that.

Speed and Competance - make sure you use a host that has access to T3 lines or faster. It's also important that the hosting company employs competant technicians. You'd be surprised at the multitude of incompetant hosting companies out there in cyber space. Your business cannot afford to suffer from too much down time.

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