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Domains Registration , Domain names, Domain Registration India, Domain Search, Domain Transfer, Pune Mumbai, Indore, HydrebadThe registration of a domain name itself costs Rs. 700 ($15) per year. But this is included in our package free of cost. You can choose a domain name that includes your company name (like www.yourcompany.com) or describes your specialty (like www.yourproduct.com)
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If you want to discontinue our services and want to transfer the domain name, you have to pay Rs. 1500/- or $40) as transfer fee. As long as you are with us, annual domain renewal is free of cost.

More about the Domain Names 

Internet being your companion, exploring online business is easy. Though it demands some technical factors, anyone can do it with ease and with little knowledge kept handy.
What would you do, when you require any service or tend to buy any demanding products available online?
Obviously, you would surf the internet and find the best possible websites that gratifies your demands and needs without any compromise. So, how would a website be?
Can you merely open it without technical driving factors?
Hard it is!!!
Every website has its own domain name, hope everyone agrees with this. For instance, if you are to examine about software services or website designing services, you might search for best website by means of its domain name. 

For instance take http://libricon.com/www.Libricon.com, here the domain name is Libricon that comes along with an extension .com. (this gives your website & organisation a Brand Name of its own.)

Now take www.WebDesigning4India.com, here the domain name is WebDesigning4India that comes along with an extension .com. (this tell more about the type of ur business or your website & organisation and this also gives a Brand Name.)

Other extensions and its definition includes:-

. org – It is a suffix used for organizations
. edu – It is a suffix used for education institutions
. net – It is a suffix used for Network Organizations
. com – It is a suffix used for Commercial business

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