Welcome to our series of performance management articles, designed to introduce some essential ideas on performance management. Plus a few more, to help you reflect on how you currently think about performance at work.
Whilst performance management activities have become a common feature in the workplace, many managers find dealing with performance is one of the most difficult parts of their job. Even though managing performance is also one of the mostimportant aspects of a managers job.

Renowned management thinker, Peter Drucker, made his thoughts quite clear on this issue:

"the ultimate test of management is performance."

So, whatever else you do as a manager, you need to manage performance well, but sometimes that's easier said than done! Ideally, what most managers would want is a team of people who are self-motivated and commited to doing their jobs to the very best of their ability: to "go the extra mile".
Effective performance management is not about coercion, it's about encouraging people to work to their potential - because they want to.
So how do you manage performance? Below are links to our performance management articles, designed to help you answer that very question. Our series on "How to Motivate Employees to Perform" is a good starting point, where we introduce our PERFORM model. 

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