This page contains links to our articles and resources containing problem solving exercises. It includes a wide range of tips and tools and at its heart is our seven step problem solving process. This is the best starting place, providing an overview of our problem solving techniques and a structured process for you to follow.
Our pages on problem solving methods stress two crucial principles.
Firstly, make sure you start by thinking about thenature of the problems you're trying to solve.
Secondly, try not to see every problem as a problem. Think positive.
Both of these principles are understated ideas at the heart of effective problem solving, though they're often missed in our rush towards finding solutions!
  • So don't miss the crucial first stages in attempting to deal with any problem. 
  • Use your problem solving skills to ask: "is it the right problem to solve?"
  • Then consider: "what opportunities are created by this problem?"
It's at this point that you may move from problem solving to decision making.
How ever you choose to start though, there are enough problem solving exercises in the pages below to help you deal with almost any management situation. So here's a third question: why not get started? 

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