Tips and Hints on Financial Planning. Personal Wealth Creation and Risk Management Manage your hard earned money in a better manner

so that your Money can make more money for you.

Learn these skills from Mr. Anand Agarwal.

Creating and Managing Avenues of Passive Income through Investments in a Tax Efficient manner.
A highly recommended financial consultant in the corporate world as he briefs us on all these and much more….!!

Learn more about …..

  • Financial Risk Mitigation
  • Profitable Investments
  • Personal Wealth Management
  • General Financial well being for young adults


Program by EAC / IPN : Personal Wealth Creation and Risk Management.

Tips and Hints on Financial Planning (Money Management)

Date     : 1st July, 2012 (Sunday)
Venue  : Hotel Sagar Plaza. ( Pune - Camp )
Time    : 10 am – 2 pm ... Followed by Q&A Session

For Registrations and More details contact EAC / IPN Members
9764157518 / 9823323766 /
9011060127 / 9890656682

Mr Anand would cover:

  • Benefits of starting the Savings program at an early stage in life
  • Creating avenues of passive income through investment in Real Estate, Stock Market, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • Creating wealth in a Tax Efficient manner
  • Managing the avenues of passive income created
  • Understanding the financial cost and risks associated with various types of investment.
  • Consolidating gains and striving for higher levels of success.
  • Covering the personal risks that each person is exposed to so that they emerge victorious even in the worst case scenario.
  • Escaping from the vicious circles of scarcity and entering the ever-growing virtuous spirals of abundance and growth.

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