We offer services which can expand your horizon to an all new world of possibilities.
Our services include:
  • Brand Creation and Branding
  • Brand Conceptualization & 
  • Brand Personalization
  • Relationship Management
  • Brand Promotion
  • Brand Protection

What is an e-brand?

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Brand is the proprietary visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image that you associate with a company or a product. A good brand name gives a good first impression, is easy to remember, and evokes positive associations with the brand. The positioning statement tells, in one sentence, what business the company is in, what benefits it provides and why it is better than the competition. For e.g. when you think Google you might think of Search Engine, when you think of eBay you might think of Shopping Portal, when you think Microsoft you might think of Windows.

What makes up an e-brand identity?

A typical e-brand identity includes relevant and easy domain name, a well-designed and interactive website, hosting on the appropriate server and an online marketing and Reputation Management Campaign.
Is e branding just for large companies?
No, Libricon Solutions' process can be applied to any business, organization, or product. Our process takes the proven principles of e branding solutions used by companies like Microsoft, Google and EBay and puts them into a simple, understandable, and easy-to-use process.

Why Libricon Solutions?

Libricon Solutions a Pune (India) based e-brand management media agency has been the leading provider of Web marketing and advertising services to established and emerging companies in India, South east asia, Europe , United States and United Kingdom. Our state of the art technologies, proprietary web marketing systems and years of IT experience empower us to create innovative and high performance internet marketing campaigns. Whether we create a marketing campaign from the ground up or improve an existing campaign the goal is always the same: to achieve the mandated success metrics.
We also provide specialized online analytical reporting and analysis with a detailed enquiry tracking mechanism for our online advertising and Internet marketing campaigns in India. This Analysis Report helps in positioning of brand and controlling the Campaign results.
We are the channel partners of Google, Forbes, Rediff, Times of India and economic times, Money control, Sulekha and many more. Depending upon the-brand positioning of the client we tie up with relevant channel partners.

E-brand management methodology

We at Libricon Solutions follow a simple process of brand management; we take into account your goals, your competitiors and analyze thoroughly to position your brand accordingly. Our e-brand management strategy will help you with choosing the right domain name and host server, design a website as per the positioning of brand, create and manage an Online Marketing and Reputation Management Campaign.

Generic Abstract Creation

Generic Abstract Creative can be best defined as a channel to convert your imagination into our creation.
This service is a result of our desire to think beyond the usual rotation and hence can portray our innovation on at its best.
Our step towards Brand Management and Branding Strategies
Libricon Solutions can help you with trademark search and registration so as to make sure your brand name is registered and safe. We major in enhancing your brand, managing your relations & protecting your goodwill. The work is aware of the significance of branding in today’s competitive market. Hence, everyday & everyway, we try every move we know—covert and overt—to boost sales and increase the equity of your brand. It is this equity, or perceived value of your brands that ultimately determines your place in the global market war.
Apart from our general practices to maintain and promote your goodwill, we possess a vision to enhance your brand with an unconventional approach. Our expertise in creation of innovative products and designs can best reflect your brand for it to connect with the ongoing as well as new opportunities.

Brand Creation

Any business starts with an idea and progresses with the next step towards creating a brand and its initial step of branding is your Brand Name and Brand Logo.  Once your branding is in place it generates good relationships, solidifies reputation, suggests specific activities, encourages expectations, and delivers a promise. A brand brings of consistency, promotes your vision and portrays a sense of uniqueness or leadership at some level. A brand should be a resounding affirmation of the company (and its people’s) identity and personality and everything these stand for as well as a reflection of the owner and client perspective of the owner.
We are here to bring this to your business, our total support starts right at from the first step that is the beginning of your business / venture's lifecycle.
We support your brand as a dynamic entity that can send out a compelling message that will create immediate affinity and intensify the unique bond the unique between the company, its people and all its stakeholders.
After our strategic steps in your business you can concentrate on running your business, just think of a name, Libricon Solutions assure you that we will create fame for the same.
So whether you run a large or smaller business, or one man show for that matter, there is an image it portrays that should be distinct and a reflection of its active existence and deserved place in the market. The visual expression of your business, as you choose it to be, is your Brand Image. Love it. Respect it. Live it.
We step in to discover the unseen and provide-brand creation services by all means. We can start empowering your brand name, graphic designing of your logo and slogan punch line for the same.
We can also help you with trademark search and registration so as to make sure your brand name is registered and safe.

Brand Conceptualization

People conceptualize through metaphors all the time. „Success“, for instance, is always conceptualized as a dimension in space: „up“. Failure is the opposite, conceptualized as „down“. You might go „up the career ladder“ or „down the drain“, but you don´t escape the metaphoric conceptualization that the ups and downs of life are directions in space. Metaphors are, in fact, so pervasive in our daily lives that we do not realize how much they frame our thinking. Metaphors are deeply embedded, cultural concepts with a characteristic trait: They point out certain contexts just in order to obstruct others.
Success of a business can also be determined by its clients and employees patronizing it. By virtue of brand conceptualization we create a concept which encapsulates a theme, color and a brand identity depicting your brand values.
In conceptualization we create an environment in your premises based on this concept. Also designing products (utility & artifacts) according to your theme for employees and clients triggering a sense of belongingness amongst them is a part of this service.

Brand Personalization

By brand personalization we mean IN-HOUSE branding and with our passion to do so we yield the zeal to personalize almost anything you point towards (except for humans).
Brand Personalization includes corporate kits- visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes, identity cards, templates, boards and uniforms.
This service also provides designing of products for employee rewards and in-house stationary utility.

Relationship Management

Brand Creation & Management, Branding Expert, Promotion, Protection, Great Impression, Brand Creation and Branding, Brand Conceptualization, Brand Personalization, Relationship Management, Brand Promotion, Brand Protection
Relationship Management is a phenomenal solution for business to customer (B2C), business to government (B2G), business to business (B2B) as well as social relationship management. We take care of you relationships while you concentrate on your core business. From birthdays/anniversaries to any other occasion it will be our duty to keep your clients satisfied maintaining a strong relationship.
We offer a wide range of gifting options from our catalogue. We also believe that creating something from scratch and gifting it to your beloved creates a better impact than the things available in market. Hence we also provide customized gifting, immensely creative well enough that your gift will always be preserved.

Brand Promotion

Business has its own risk, not promoting is one of it. Growth of a company is always proportional to the amount of people knowing about it. Our solutions make it sure your brand is known for good. Brand promotion with Libricon Solutions includes:
Promotional Concept Designing and Making – brochures, catalogues flyers, posters, hoardings, promotional walk through, etc.
Customized Promotional Gift Kits and complementary giveaways – as we think for promotion, there’s no better tool than a personal touch.

Brand Protection

An individual always tends to keep his precious assets secured from reasonable threats, but he often forgets to protect his intellectual property - his brand name. By this service we ensure the security of your goodwill associated with the-brand name.
We protect your intellectual property by getting your brand name, logo and the design on your name trademarked
We make this tedious job easy by serving you right from carrying out a search to collecting your documents to delivering the trademark application at your doorstep without you even stepping out of your chair.

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