Just like any business or food recipe requires carefully chosen ingredients. The same concept works in the digital world of services. Every business success result depends on a well-defined business process with ingredients of expertise and keen eye for detail. The presence of all these has helped us in managing the fastest and the shortest Designing and Development Cycle for the projects we undertake, with the highest quality outcome.


Fastest and the shortest Designing and Development Cycle for the projects
The first step to a successful project is getting to know the client. Whenever possible we take the time to meet our clients face to face to discuss their individual needs.

In the case that you are unable to meet us in person we offer various alternative communication modes like phone, e-mail, instant messenger, and audio/visual conferences.

Our Offer 

Before the project is awarded, our professionals at PR start doing there homework. We may ask a few questions and we’ll probably toss out new ideas, but our main goal is just to sit, listen and understand your requirement.

Regardless of any project brief prepared by you, we request you to fill up our project questionnaire. This piece of information about the project is invaluable for our producer, for it helps him to create basic estimation of finances and resources required.

Business Agreement for Development Designing


Based upon the information about the project provided, our experts start plotting out the platforms for each and every functionalities and requested items mentioned in the document.

Our team begins with the process by figuring out the best possible methods to use to fetch the desired results out of it. For example; Interface designing, logo, Animations, JavaScript, Ajax, shopping cart, payment gateway or web application.

Design & Development 

Once everything is covered & all are happy with wire frames, it is time to start placing pixels at its place. The dull grey boxes start taking beautiful shapes. It is a fairly lengthy process, but it is worth waiting. When we’re done, we send mock ups to you for review purpose & after a couple of rounds of revisions if required, we shoot the design to our developers to get started with the coding.

Once the front end is ready, the development part starts with full swing.

Design & Development in India Pune

Beta Launch

Next when we are done with the entire development process for the site or application, we evaluate the materials, cross-checking them again, making sure all the points have been covered.

Our QA team tests the entire result with maximum attention, keeping in mind that everything is up to the mark.


Once the site is launched, we offer you our ongoing maintenance service, which keeps your site up-to-date.

We keep studying the usage of the site and send you reports on the same showing, the traffic frequency on your site for particular time period. This helps to understand, what is drawing traffic to your domain, is it direct, reference or by search engines.

We get this question a lot. Our shortest answer to this is - It depends! We do not do facials or manicures, but you’ll really love it when we are done with you.

Kindly fill out our project questionnaire to get an estimate over the requirements. We can also engage into an interesting discussion with you about anything you have in mind to make the project successful.

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